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Fresh Paint Art Fair:
Video Focus 2018

Expo, Tel Aviv

April 26 - April 30, 2018

The four video works selected for the Video Greenhouse of Fresh Paint Art Fair 10 explore geographical, conceptual, and psychological boundaries and representations of memory. What are boundaries made of? What are the limits between imaginary and conventional frontiers?



Tal Ilan
Ronnie Karfiol

Meshy Kopelvitch

 Yael Serlin


By giving a face and a voice to an anonymous figure, the artist Roni Karfiol (Relief & Monitoring, 2016) questions our perception of the refugee crisis and the role that technology plays in the way we relate to this issue. Differently, Tal Ilan (Untitled, 2016) confronts the boundaries of the psychiatric system – as well as her own limits – through repetitive phone calls. Subverting gender conventions by featuring women who recite the Kaddish (Kaddish, 2017) in their own individual harmony, Yael Serlin highlights the power of words and the ambivalence between the individual and the collective significance of this ritual. In the animation video War Marks (2017), Meshi Koplewitz reconstitutes a narrative from her childhood memories in the kibbutz, near the borders of Syria and Lebanon. The artist underlines the ambivalence of these episodes by creating dissonance in the poetic illustration of these war scenes. This spectrum of works was chosen to question the drastic reality of frontiers and highlight diverse ways of escaping the individual significance of the experience to reach the perception of collective faith.


Curated by CCA, The Center for Contemporary Art, Nicola Trezzi, Danielle Gorodenzik, Bar Goren, Judith Lenglart. Supported by Ronnie Duek.

Selected Images


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